Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Y'all Regrese Pronto, Y' Hear?

It's with the taste of bittersweet melon in our mouths that the SOL crew is moving on (up, North) from the Streets of Laredo.

What a year! We learned to like country; witnessed Mexican cowboys, wrestlers, gigantic flags and the country itself; got chased by stray dogs; cooked the third-best tripe in town; made sugar skulls; got creeped out by Santa Muerte; paraded; ate a ton of local food (especially tequila & pecans); got jamboozled; received a bikini car wash; floated in the pool; and found the Mayor of Laredo around - every - single - turn.

I'm guessing most of us are happy to be moving on, but we'll also miss some of the finer points of life on the border.

Hopefully, our replacements will be up to the task of keeping this blog (I'll still be blogging elsewhere). But even if not, I hope you enjoyed following our progress through all the Tex-Mexinsanity and the impressions we shared, dissected and served up in your RSS reader.

Take care, Laredo! I'd say don't ever change...but something tells me you won't.


laura k said...

Alright, so where are y'all going? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

This is a long shot, but i'm a journalist looking for your help.

I’m contacting you from National Public Radio. Tomorrow morning we’ll be interviewing Laredo Rep. Henry Cuellar, regarding health care reform, and we are interested in pairing him up with someone from his district (28th district) who does not have health care. We are looking for:

1. Someone who is not suffering a major illness (that is a separate conversation we’ve been having, about people who are in very imminent danger without health care. We want to talk more to the person who can maybe go on like this for a few years, but everyday things like getting a flu or spraining an ankle are a nightmare due to lack of health care.)

2. Speaks English

3. Has no health care.

Since I’m in Washington DC, this is kind of a difficult thing for me to pull off—I thought perhaps you or one of your reporters may have suggestions.

This would be live tomorrow morning at 8:00 am your time.



Jasmine Garsd

Editorial Assistant

National Public Radio

Tell Me More with Michel Martin

635 Massachusetts Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20001