Thursday, July 17, 2008

View from the Pool

Ok, so it's possible we're suffering a little Senioritis down here in SOL-land. Most of us are finishing up our tour of duty in Laredo in the next couple weeks and moving to various points north (and none too soon - killer bees!).

But really, there hasn't been a lot going on down here. Summer is in full swing, forcing us to loaf around, sweat, and occasionally crash the nicest apartment pools we can find (see above).

The only real excitement has been the addition of some much-needed culture. Last weekend, Laredo had it's first decent indie-rock show since we've been here (featuring Austin bands, natch), as well as a visit from performance artist (?) Jimmy Keuhnle, whose giant inflatable suit invaded the Laredo streets on Friday. Watch some video of Jimmy bouncing and...dancing with your favorite SOL blogger.


laura k said...

Oh. I miss apartment pools. They don't really have those in Boston. Sigh. It looks so nice.

Kurgan said...

Nothing like Laredo in July.

Dolly is coming