Monday, June 9, 2008


I agree with JC below: Happy was fairly funny, although I missed a lot of the jokes. Also, someone should tell him that not all white people are named Chad.

But after the show, I went to buy groceries at the store known locally as the "Gucci HEB." Who was there picking out peaches, but the mayor himself! Like me, he had just come from the fundraiser.

The Mayor agreed that Happy puts on a good show. He was a bit miffed that Happy couldn't remember whether the Mayor's first name was "Raul" or "Saul." (They rhyme in Spanish, tho not in English.)

All in all, the Mayor is affable and an easy guy to talk to. He said bye as he left the store and walked past me. As I walked to my car, it appeared to me that the Mayor was parked in a handicapped spot.

And that was my brush with the powers that be in the Gateway City!

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jc said...

Why must every, every interaction with Raul involve food?