Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Garden of Death and Kitties

A generation ago, our parents had zero qualms about driving the family station wagon across the border to buy some cheap Mexican blankets and tequila, and go desert camping.

It's a brave new millenium, but the SOL crew endeavored to continue this tradition last weekend with a trip to Bustamante, El Jardin de Nuevo Leon, home to homemade mezcal (delicious), little kittens (cute), and baby goats (cute and delicious).

On the way, though, we noticed that today's Mexican roads clearly see more than just turista "traffic." Military roadblocks aside, the clearest signal of drug activity was the presence of several roadside shrines to Santa Muerte, patron saint of assassins and thugs.

Ms. Muerte received some press in Laredo recently when a convicted cartel assassin admitted he had, well, drunk a little of his victims' blood on her behalf. Oops.

Actually, there are signs that the cartels are through fighting each other in Nuevo Laredo. Literally, signs. Also, the center of the action has apparently moved north to Juarez/El Paso, where the police are throwing around the phrase "blood bath" with a straight face.

I guess Laredo has become passe for the criminal elite. At least we're still on the top 10 list for car theft.

(Credit: All photos taken by the extremely brave / dare-prone CQ)


twoforone said...

keep up the investigative journalism cq and friends.

twoforone said...

also, i would like some mezcal. cq take note for august.