Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Parade to Remember

Seriously, I have never seen a longer parade in my life! It went on, and on, and on... Three hours later we were hot, tired, and bored. We left, and the parade continued. Alas! Laredo has a lot to display, I understand. Here are some observations from the event:

1. Only in Laredo are a large percentage of parade floats assembled on the flat bed of semi-trailer trucks. There certainly isn't a truck shortage here, so I guess they better use them!

2. The military presence was a bit stronger than what I had expected. Border patrol, homeland security, army, vets, Mayor Raul Salinas...ubiquitous indeed. The most perplexing was the border patrol boat. Clearly they brought it over from the Gulf because while the Rio Grande is right here, there ain't that much water in it.

3.CQ's personal favorite "float": the Food Bank sign. The banner holders did an outstanding job. I won't lie JC, I was hoping to see you dressed up as a vegetable, but you were great nevertheless.

4. The little jalapenos were a close second. Alex said it best: "I want to have kids just so that I can dress them up in little jalapeno outfits." Lofty goal lady, but what will you do with them once they grow up?

5. The debutantes. Nice dresses, although worth about what the average Laredoan makes in several years.

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