Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Celebration of Tripe

"Tripe! Tripe! Tripe!"

That's what I chanted to myself as Karlo, Alex and I (mostly just Karlo and I) labored to determine the winner of the SOL Bloggers' Choice at the Menudo Bowl (get it? bowl) in Laredo yesterday.

Delicious, steaming organ meats were all around. By representing at the tent for the South Texas Food Bank, I was able to learn that the secret to good menudo is not just disgusting cow stomach lining, but equally disgusting pig's feet, and blood. Blood. Everywhere.

Ok, so the other secret is to have a Mexican abuela come in as a ringer, bearing fresh oregano that she picked herself in the mountains of Bustamante. Although Karlo maintains that our abuelita added too much salt, the herbal breakthrough snagged us 3rd place out of 50 teams! Take that, inferior tripe!

We definitely didn't win the personality contest though. Check out some of the other booths, and you'll appreciate the lengths Laredoans go to to express this "cultural heritage":

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Chud said...

Congrats on the abuelita-fueled victory for the food bank! It's also nice to see Texas JC, wearing a cowboy hat and eating menudo in the sun in January. Rock on, South Texas.