Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Though it had an air of carpetbaggery when "Fresh Pecan" signs started randomly showing up at gas stations around Laredo, it is in fact pecan season in South Texas.

Bet you didn't even know South Texas had a pecan season! And guess what else grows here! Nothing.

I bought these from a roadside vendor in Dimmit County (Pop. 10,248) right across the street from the trees that birthed them (the nuts, not the vendor). The vendor, who had several gold teeth, an eyepatch and a 'U.S. Marines' trucker hat, patiently explained that to properly shell pecans, you either need to obtain "a big machine" or "a couple Mexicans," and in his words, "Boom! Boom! Boom!" (not sure what he meant, but he thrust his fist when he said it).

He bemoaned how so many of his pecans had rotted from the intense rain earlier in the year. We offered him a tax break to donate the less-than-perfect nuts to the Food Bank, but he waved a giant wad of cash and proclaimed "I don't need a tax break!" Instead, he said, he plans on selling the rotten ones to Mexico.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand the carpetbaggery remark that opens this post . . . please enlighten

jc said...

What I meant is that the claim of "fresh, local" pecans seemed suspect, since I didn't know they grew here. Also, all the gas station signs look the same, with the same font. I assumed an outsider (carpetbagger) was trying to make some cash presenting himself as a local grower - I was wrong.