Sunday, November 18, 2007

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor!

Once upon a time, a group of seven fabulous young adults decided to indulge in the palatable discernment of a tequila-tasting session. There are over 400 different tequilas manufactured in Mexico, but on this occasion, we decided to review only seven of them. The tequila was accompanied by “sangrita,” which in Mexico is the ubiquitous chaser for a sipping session of the golden elixir. It consists of Clamato or tomato juice, fresh lime juice, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Maggie sauce, and yes, a splash of orange juice.

The seven of us sat down around the table at Chez Callagy’s, and after indulging in a succulent dinner to avoid hitting the flo' later that evening, we proceeded to, by one. Cowboy hats on, and notepads handy, we recorded our observations diligently as flavors burst with every sip. I, for one, would take a sip, peer into the horizon, and to preserve the purity of my experience, immediately wrote down the first words that came into my mind—succulent, yes, interesting, hmmm, fiery, smokey, mas... JC, on the other hand, proceeded to draw little animals representing his encounter with every different tequila—little raccoons, sharks, snakes, etc. Soon we broke out in song and dance, and Callagy made quesadillas as fast as a cowboy draws his pistol in a precarious situation.

Some readers may wonder if there was a winner. Corzo was high on my list, but Tres Generaciones has always been a CQ favorite. For those of you who hate tequila, I invite you to reconsider if you have only had Jose Cuervo. Venture out, splurge—you will be pleasantly surprised. And with a little sangrita on the side, I guarantee that you and your taste buds will have a fabulous experience. Tequila!!


monnie halberg said...

I OD'd on tequila in college :( Too many margaritas; and I'll bet it didn't make use of the good stuff!
What's "Maggie sauce"?

CQ said...

Monnie, that seems to be a problem with a lot of people...the tequila overdose. With the right tequila you can get over it though (after you have your baby of course). Maggie sauce is a seasoning sauce that adds the saltiness to the sangrita. Check it out here:

In Madison you can find it at Yue Wah on Park or at that little Mexican food store right after El Pastor whose name I can't remember. I am pretty sure you can find it at Sentry too.