Wednesday, November 7, 2007

La Bandera Gigante

The first time I drove to Laredo, I came early in the morning from the East, on US-59. I knew the town was getting close when I saw something clearly man-made sticking out over the horizon. A building? A statue? No! A big-ass Mexican flag.
The flag sits 'al otro lado' of the Rio Grande, but towers over Los Dos Laredos. The photo was taken from work, approximately 1 mile from the flag pole. To the left is the comparatively puny San Agustin cathedral, which was the tallest building in Laredo for a century. To the lower right is an American flag. Bet you didn't see it at first, huh? That's because it's not a zillion square feet.

Strangely, the flag was not up for the first two months I was here. A few weeks ago, it re-emerged. Was it being repaired? Cleaned? Used to cover a circus tent for Expo-Mex? Nobody knows.

There are some nice things about having the flag there. Now, if you get lost, you always know which way is South. Also, Laredo is considering building another bridge over the river. If that pole ever came down, voila! There's your bridge.


CQ said...

Viva Mexico! Nice picture Callagy.

CQ said...

The flag is gone...again.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they swap with Cancun. Similarly immense flag dominates the skyline like a daytime lighthouse visible up and down the dogleg strip. Helped me and Lori get off the shuttle after tiring days and boozy nights, as it's across the street from our Casa Maya Hotel:

- U.S.