Monday, November 5, 2007

Day of the Dead III: The Sugar Skull

As part of a deliberate plot to consistently underwhelm us, Laredo again failed to live up to its own hype at Saturday's Day of the Dead festival downtown. Yes, there was a mariachi band, and tacos. No, no one dressed like a skeleton.

However! We did get to make our own sugar skulls, as demonstrated above. How do you make a sugar skull? 1) Get some sugar, some flour and some meringue powder. 2) Buy a sugar skull mold. 3) Let rip with your wildest creative vision (involving pastry icing). 4) Behold the totally fun, yet basically inedible results.

We also got to check out some arty altares (altars to dead family members, pets, robots, whatever), and some crazy chalk artwork by local youths. My favorite is Hello Kitty...DE MUERTE.

All of which I guess is more creative than I would have thought possible here. Maybe this town needs a new slogan.

"Laredo: Cooler than you thought. But not by much."

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Chud said...

If you've got some spare time this winter and like debased Hello Kitty, try this.