Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My little friend

Today I went jogging at 6:30 am. To those of you who think it never gets cold in Laredo (and I was recently among you), I can announce that Fall is here. It was about 45 degrees, and completely dark. I set out, shivering, unable to believe it had been 95 degrees just thirty-six hours earlier.

I started out on the two-mile loop I do in the mornings. As I jogged down a dark residential street, a dog came running towards me. I am not usually afraid of dogs, but this one was big, and it didn't make a noise--and somehow, a dog that doesn't bark makes me nervous.

I should explain that there are lots of dogs in Laredo. People here seem to like the following qualities in their dogs: (1) small, (2) nervous, (3) ugly, and (4) loud. This dog was big, very friendly, handsome, and he didn't make a sound. He looked like a mix between a yellow lab and something else, and he was probably between 6 months and 2 years old, judging by his puppy-like demeanor. Clearly, he had been taken good care of because he was healthy and well-fed, but not fat.

Once it was clear that the dog would not bite me, I said hello. I noticed he had no collar. I told him to go home and started jogging again. He followed me. I reached the end of the street, and he was still with me. I told him to go home, and he wagged his tail. I yelled, and he tried to lick my hand. A man getting into his truck asked me if it was my dog. He said it had been hanging around since the previous evening.

I kept jogging, and the dog followed me. At one point, he stopped to poop, and I broke into a dead sprint. I turned right, and right again, then slowed down, thinking I'd lost him. Two minutes later he found me.

He followed me to my doorstep. I left him out there, and decided that if he hung around, I'd have to put up some 'Found' signs in the neighborhood. I figured I could put him in the side yard for the day, since my street has so much traffic, and he didn't seem to realize that cars are dangerous (my street is busy, and a pedestrian was hit by a car just a week ago).

I drank some coffee and opened the front door again. He was sitting on the step looking in. He started to wag his tail. I closed the door and stuck a turkey-pot pie in the microwave. My former roommate left several of these behind when he went back home to Oklahoma. When the pot pie was done, I brought it to the door, but the dog was gone. He must have followed someone else off somewhere.

I got ready for work and left about 45 minutes later. No sign of the dog around my apartment complex. I'll admit I was a bit sad. I threw the pot pie away.


jc said...

There are so many stray dogs here...I almost run over 2 or 3 on my way to work every day. Yesterday on Riverside I saw two 18-wheeler trucks and a sedan following a dog that clearly didn't realize it was holding up traffic (or didn't care). It was like an absurd parade.

CQ said...

Where do you guys see these dogs? I haven't seen any yet...