Tuesday, October 2, 2007


This weekend was the first time I had ever walked across a border, and it definitely gave me pause to think about the point of what is literally a line of cheap paint on the ground.

Skipping Narco Laredo, Alex, myself, Callagy and jamie opted to bus on down to Monterrey, which allowed us to enjoy natural scenery (hills! cacti!) and Garfield Dos, which in Spanish is actually a trenchant meditation on colonialism and lasagna.

Monterrey is the art and commerce capital of the North, and so is laden with plenty of tourist-friendly spectacle. We walked around the aptly named Macro Plaza (featuring the world's largest orange concrete credit card) and the Zona Rosa shopping district. We visited the world-class Marco Art Museum, which is currently displaying more work by the Mexican artist Julio Galan than you can shake a stick at (which, incidentally, is more Julio Galan than you would ever want to shake a stick at). We also took in the Cintermex complex, which is like a giant version of Seattle's Gasworks park, and features all sorts of bizarro epic art (also see video).

We paid too much, we paid too little, we paid in money that is no longer valid (?), we drank tequila and sang Mana- pretty much everything you'd expect of a group of turistas. Oh - and I finally got to try some of that succulent cabrito.


jc said...

By the way all, I just now noticed how much more terrible the layout of our blog looks in Internet Explorer. Folks, do yourself and your computer a favor, and switch to Firefox. You'll be glad.

Chud said...

I'm glad you had fun in Monterrey! That cabrito looks like it was worth the trip.

Yours in barely restrained jealousy,